anti aging tips

It’s not unreasonable to plan life these days with a view to looking healthy and feeling great well into our 80’s or 90’s. We are at an advantage to previous generations as we’ve benefited, through progress, from a more nutritious and varied diet, with many medical complaints and diseases completely eradicated. It’s time to grasp the opportunity these modern health benefits bring, and aim to live longer, looking better.

Look At Your Parents

One of the greatest tools we have to forecast the future is to look at the past. We might not be able to change our parents but we can look at their medical and health issues to factor in, which parts of our lives we need to focus on best. How does their skin look? Do they have problems with bone joints? Is there any history of heart disease with our parents or even their parents? Past is prologue and let’s not ignore this powerful insight into ourselves.

Stimulate Your Brain

Many of us are too exhausted to consider stimulating our brains after a hard day or weeks work but it’s really important to remember that if you feel like that, then try to work less hard and save some space for your free time. What’s the point of working hard if you’re not able to enjoy your later years? Keep some capacity spare for mental problem solving that stretches your brain, such as language learning, writing, note taking, drawing, documentary watching, reading and finding out about the world, for things that we don’t normally take an interest in. Be interested in as much as you can and the world will be interested in you. This will be for the long term too, we get out what we put in.

Eat Well

We all know the basics but making it a lifestyle is challenging with accessibility to sweet buns, fast foods and fantastic smelling pastries at the supermarket. Try and prepare yourself for the places you are most weak in, and avoid these locations or lingering around them. Use the power of consciousness to imagine yourself fit and healthy, eating all the foods you know are good for you like fruits, vegetables, pulses and meats. Try to avoid the whites such as processed white sugar (terrible product), white Pasta, white Rice and white Bread or just wheat all together. It really is much more damaging than medical professionals have led us to believe over decades, and it’s difficult for them to reverse their edicts for fear of being mass litigation.