facial yoga

Facial Yoga like body yoga is a natural and gentle way to work out the skin and the facial muscles of the head. Through a regular ‘workout’ regime of the facial muscles and skin using the fingertips and hands, the elasticity and composition of the skin is kept youthful looking and circulated with blood and vital oxygenation.

Smooth Your Forehead

Use your fingertips to smooth out the surface area of the forehead. A repetition set of 8-12 smoothing actions starting in the centre and moving outwards followed by another set starting at the crown and moving inwards followed by holding a set of “surprised” look poses for ten seconds at a time should leave the forehead looking young and elastic over the months and years ahead.

Get Cheeky

This one is very simple. Simply blow out your cheeks and hold your chin up high as you hold the air in. Do this five or six times before trying a sucking in cheek-action, again with your head held high to align with the throat muscles.

Crow’s Feet Removal

A common sign of ageing are the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. Simply place the fingers on the crow’s feet area of the eyes and gently stretch away at the skin allowing it to return to its natural state.

Cheekbone & Nasal Folds

Simple place the fingers on the cheek bones and lift up and out while pressing down gently on the skin of the cheekbones. This will lift away the nasal folds to and give you the look of a puppet face if you are doing this correctly in the mirror. You will feel this on the facial muscles instantly and will remain for a while so just do a few sets of these. Remember
Yoga is about gentle extension not going too overboard.

Neck and Chin Sag

All this takes is to extend and stretch the chin and neck upwards and/or to the side like a young bird in the nest reaching out for food. Try opening your mouth or pouting the mouth to the sides as you do this stretching exercise, which will affect both the neck and chin from sagging.

The Buddha Face

This is more to train the face to recall a relaxed and calm state. Look in the mirror and gently close the eyes while seeking as relaxed and calm a state as possible. Gently open the eyes and look carefully at how you appear. This is the state you need to be in throughout the day for good facial composition though we often forget to be aware of this due to stress and strain, often from thinking too much.