It’s very important to set achievable goals for your weight loss programme. If you are grossly overweight a personal trainer can help with the right type of exercises along with a controlled diet. Being motivated is also a step in the right direction for men and women to lose those extra pounds.

Staying motivated is quite another thing, many people tend to give up after a few weeks. Read the top motivations below and try to stay focused on your weight loss.

  • It’s advisable to think more about your health rather than weight loss. Choose healthy food when out shopping and don’t buy products that are high in fat. Check the information on packets, tins and frozen food. It’s there to help you count calories, see how many carbohydrates are in the food including minerals and vitamins.
  • You can still eat your favourite foods but do try to limit them in your diet. If you enjoy sweet things, don’t buy or eat as much as you once did. It is very difficult at first but once your body gets used to eating less, you will cope much better with a different food intake.
  • Think how wonderful it would be to wear fashionable, slim fitting clothes again. This is one of the main motivations women especially look forward to when on a diet. There are so many fabulous outfits out there that could be yours once you’ve shed those unwanted pounds. Keep a shopping list handy during your darker days of dieting.
  • Writing down how much weight you lose, say on a weekly basis. This can also be a great motivation for men and women. Don’t despair if you don’t lose weight during one week, just try and be more in control of your eating habits the week after. Stepping on the scales and seeing weight loss will definitely encourage you to stick to your new regime.
  • For those people who don’t enjoy exercising, think again. Even walking for an hour is better than sitting like a couch potato on your sofa. Try going to a gym. If you feel a little embarrassed at first just think why everyone else is there, to keep fit, active and lose weight. Most men and women have enjoyed playing a sport at one time or another. Why not try your hand again at your favourite sport to see just what you’ve been missing?