Staying healthy and staying young is the goal of most of us, but we all need some help along the way. Apart from talking to your local doctor you can take the 5 following steps to getting and staying healthy!

Nature versus Nurture

There’s no harm with the huge array of modern supplements that contribute towards anti-aging. Compound chemicals, power foods, super foods and prepared nutrition can all act towards a healthy regime of anti-aging. Some however, prefer to take the most natural route possible and that’s completely permissible for those with access to the best natural ways of keeping and looking young.

Spirituality Works

Taking time out each day to thank the universe for the blessings we already have such as great friends, close family, good looks, great teeth, healthy life, sporting skills or more, is proven to have a reciprocal effect on the way we enjoy our full potential. Prayer, Meditation or even just learning to forgive is really good for our inner and outer development.

Look closely at those who harbour grudges and vendettas? Do they look a little bit like they behave? Be grateful for our blessings and be generous with your time and with your love towards others. This is the way to look young and healthy for longer than those who nurture bitterness and revenge.

Nutty Almond Magic

Almonds are a super food that come packed with Vitamin E, bursting to get at your skin and protect it from extensive exposure to bright sunlight, and work at keeping it looking young and elastic. Only half a handful of Almonds is all you need for a daily dose of anti-aging effects. The one vitamin that counts most in over 65 year olds is Vitamin E for coordination, balance and speed. Eating almonds will keep you looking good and feeling great, well into the twilight years of your life.

Dark Chocolate Alchemy

Many of us have a craving for dark chocolate magic from time to time, but did you know that it also helps in reducing blood pressure, contributing towards lower blood pressure and a healthy heart? Not all natural solutions are as tasty and satisfying as dark chocolate magic, but only a quarter of an ounce a day is enough to keep you looking good without going overboard on the waistline. It’s the all-natural flavonols in the plant chemicals that keep the blood vessels relaxed and help to secure a pliable, youthful and supple body.

Quit Smoking

This really is a no brainer. Smoking damages the elastin and collagen in our skin. Just take a closer look at smokers, to see the direction you might be heading in if you’re addicted to the devil sticks. Quitting is tough but looking great is one great motivation for removing troublesome nicotine from your life.