A Life Style

Anti-ageing is a way of living rather than any single tip carried out. By taking care of ourselves and paying attention to how we live, and what we allow into or around our bodies we can leverage the knowledge of millennia of human observation. Good looking people tend to have a set of receptive genes but we can all benefit from knowing what the lifestyles of the aged but youthful looking are about.


It’s almost a cliché for any modern living problem but exercise really is the golden key to a youthful look. Given all the other benefits and advantages to exercise, we totally recommend getting into the regular habit of exercise. Only twenty minutes a day makes a difference or three times a week for slightly longer periods. There are literally hundreds of studies proving that regular exercise keeps us young and youthful looking. This is both an emotional state and physical look. Aerobic exercise is the way forward, but don’t forget to learn about doing eight to ten exercises of eight to fifteen repetitions with weights or nautilus type equipment.

Maximise Anti-Oxidants Intake

It’s now well-known, and a scientific fact that free radicals contribute towards ageing and that anti-oxidants are the easiest way to neutralize free radicals. Dark coloured vegetables such as squash, carrots, tomatoes and spinach or berries such as purple or blue berries work best at staying young looking.


A range of supplements have been recommended to combat the signs of aging. These are Vitamin C at 200-250 milligrams and Vitamin E at 100-400 International Units [I.U.] and lastly a Carotenoid supplement of between 6-10 milligrams. Like a car’s airbag, taking supplements is a way to prevent aging but not an invitation to drive recklessly. Being holistic is the way forward.


Sleep is crucial to looking good and feeling great. Less than six hours of sleep a night can precipitate heart attacks over extended periods and it has been shown that the mind deteriorates at a quicker rate for those who sleep less. A good night’s sleep of eight hours is considered the optimum time, and helps to contribute towards a relaxed feeling during normal waking hours.


A furrowed brown is the quickest way to looking aged prematurely. The way we feel internally is externalised over the years and thus, if you see lines accumulating on your forehead, this is symptomatic of thinking too much. The face should, like the inner self, be relaxed and calm. A good sense of humour is the way to overcome much of the challenges that we face daily. Don’t take it to serious even if it really is a bit of a serious situation from time to time.