We are what we eat, and so it follows that Anti-Aging diets are one of the most powerful ways we can look after ourselves and maintain a youthful looking appearance. This can only happen if over the years we apply ourselves to diets that keep our skin looking healthy and great, with the right nutrients and vitamins to keep our entire bodies looking young. The way you look is directly related and corresponds to the foods you eat, and the drinks you consume.

Gravity Defying Spinach

Bone density is one of the most important ways we can avoid hip fracture. Spinach comes fully loaded with Vitamin K which is a group of fat soluble vitamins suitable for blood coagulation and bone structure development. Eat plenty of Spinach and reap the rewards of healthy bones and lots more. For example Spinach keeps your eyes sparkling. This is a folk tale known the world over. There’s some truth in it.

Super Strawberries

Fresh summer strawberries come packed with some very complex brain food molecules. Strawberries are primed with a type of planet-chemical called Polyphenols. These are kind of like the internet connections and nodes between the messaging areas of our brains. Eating Strawberries keeps us quick witted while rebinding those connections that no longer like to talk to each other as we age and grow older. Try making a Spinach salad topped with Strawberries for a super anti-ageing qualities cold snack. This recipe is also good for improving memory as it encourages the neural connections to communicate with each other to help recall.

Anti-Alzheimer Curry Powder

It’s a fact that Alzheimer is found less in the Indian population, with a quarter the rate of the United States. The curry powder is brimming with Turmeric which is packed with Curcumin that researchers at UCLA, say fends off Alzheimer. It does this by preventing the development of amyloid plaques. These are sticky proteins that are poisonous to our brain cells. Curcumin also protects us from dangerous free radicals, which metabolize with oxygen and then go on to attack cells, tissue and organs. Regular curries will keep you regular but also keep your mind sharp.

Tasty Tomatoes

Tomatoes are really one of the most accessible super foods available. In addition to keeping you healthy looking, tomatoes also act in partnership with your skin to protect you from the sun. In tests, after daily exposure to UV sunlight exposure after 10 weeks, a trial group had 40% less sunburn. Sunburn is the surest way to burn and age your skin. Treat it with respect. It’s your largest living organ.