The act of people travelling from one country to another for medical treatment is nothing new, but growing sophistication and increasing relaxation opportunities in the country you choose for treatment are making such decisions far easier to justify.

The medical tourism sector in Thailand is an excellent example of this growing trend.

What is the point of leaving your own country to be treated in another?

In some western countries, there are people who would suggest the above question be turned around to state; what is the point of STAYING in your own country for medical treatment!

Many medical institutions in this part of the world are creaking at the seams, lengthy delays for the treatment you require are now integral to the diagnosis and treatment process of your ailment, and in some cases, the costs involved can be prohibitive.

Here are just a few examples of why this concept continues to grow year on year;

You may have your own reasons for receiving medical treatment abroad, but one commonly accepted factor cannot be denied;

The combination of medical treatment with some holiday time thrown in is a perfect marriage in every sense of the word.

Lower costs

It is the people living in so called ‘developed’ countries that have created, and are naturally increasing this type of medical treatment, and a major factor for this is; cost.

Such ‘patients’ can purchase flights to Thailand, pay for their holiday accommodation, include their holiday spending money AND the full cost of their required treatment and it will still cost them less than they would have to pay for the same treatment ONLY in their own country.

You also get a holiday!

If you opt for treatment in your own country, you may well spend time recuperating at home, but let’s be honest; that’s a busman’s holiday at best.

When you opt to take the same treatment in Thailand, and combine it with a relaxing beach holiday, or a week or so in the beautiful Northern region of Chiang Mai you will be taking convalescence to a new level!

Incorporate local therapies and relaxation techniques

In many western countries you will be admitted to the hospital or clinic; treated, and then sent on your way to resume your normal daily schedule.

Let’s be honest; that’s not a very appealing thought for treatment that may understandably leave you feeling apprehensive.

On the other hand;

When you have the same medical treatment in Thailand you know that once it has been successfully completed there is lots to look forward to.

Your convalescing can include body and mind boosting therapies such as traditional spa treatments, massage therapy and meditation.

Having such tonics to look forward too should certainly relax you before and during your medical procedures, and they will most definitely relax you once you are settled on the beach or nestled in the idyllic, mountainous countryside.

State of the art medical institutions and some of the best trained doctors in the world
Make no mistake about it: Combined medical treatment and tourism in Thailand may be cheaper than your home country, but the hospital and clinics you will be attending offers state of the art facilities.

You will also be treated by some of the best doctors in the country. Many of these will have already excelled in their particular area of expertise while studying and working in countries such as your own.

convenient and cost effective choice with relaxation benefits!

It is little wonder that more people than ever before are taking advantage of medical treatment in Thailand in conjunction with a holiday.

After all;

Sun, sand, sea and surgery certainly sound far more appealing than opting for this treatment in your own country.