• Dr Olivier Meyer has the Thai Medical Registration No 23750
  • Dr Olivier Clinic is fully registered with the Thai Ministry of Health
  • Dr Olivier speaks French (mother tongue), English, German and Thai
  • It is an out-patient only general medical practice, no need of appointment
  • It provides general medical care to locals, expats and tourists.
  • It coordinates specialized consultations and investigations in nearby hospitals
  • Official receipts and medical certificates for insurances reimbursement available
  • Anti-aging, Erectile Dysfunction and Weight Loss counseling and treatment available
  • Personalized check-up program available
  • Laboratory available:
    1. INR, HIV test, Syphilis test,
    2. fasting blood sugar
    3. urine tests with immediate results
  • For all other tests a nurse collects blood and send samples to the laboratory. All results can be sent PDF format via email
  • Nurse on site: dressing, injections and counseling available
  • A pharmacy at the clinic is available
  • Medical certificates for Thai driving license, work permit, immigration available
  • Reference Physician for the Embassies of Switzerland and France in Bangkok
  • We can send medicines worldwide
January 5 speech to Pattaya City Expat Club about anti-aging medicine – Part 1 & 2-531