Despite the popular belief, staying young is not about plastic surgery, injections or wrinkle creams. Instead, it refers to a state of mind, a positive mental attitude and remaining physically and cognitively active in order to have a high quality life. Don’t forget even for a second that the quality of your life is to a great extent under your direct control. If you want to live longer, better and stay younger as you age, then here are some efficient natural methods to try.

Turn that frown upside down

Regardless of age, it is important to have goals for the future. While your job can keep you younger, particularly if you enjoy what you’re doing, there’s more to life than work. Personal goals and aspirations are a great way to develop a positive mental attitude that’s guaranteed to make you look forward to the future. If you’re close to retirement, yet still pursue your goals as you did in your 30s, then that positive attitude will help you keep going.

Always act as old as you feel

In spite of the fact that our society puts an emphasis on youthfulness, the most important thing is how you feel inside and NOT your age or physical appearance. Feeling old and acting according to stereotypes is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you’re considering quitting hiking simply because you’re well in your 50s for instance, then you’re likely to give up this particular activity. As a direct consequence, your muscles will shrink and your bones may get weaker, thus forcing you to cut back on more and more activities that demand physical effort.

Don’t use mobility aids unless you really need them

Because they simplify their lives, many people turn to scooters and motorized wheelchairs whenever the opportunity arises. However, they don’t seem to realize just how easy it is to become dependent on mobility aids. If you want to stay young and healthy, avoid them as much as possible. Remember that the easiest way is not always the best way; therefore, if walking, for instance, makes you tired, don’t trade it for a scooter, but rather walk slower until you build muscles and endurance.

Work out regularly

Hectic schedules, high levels of stress, unhealthy eating and not enough time to take a vacation are some of the main reasons why people can’t wait to retire. Then again, retirement shouldn’t be understood as the point at which you’re done with all activities and get to stay in bed all day long. Because the importance of staying physically active in the twilight years cannot be stressed enough, I suggest you engage in a workout routine. Trust me, you will look and feel better.