Medical Checkup

Dr Olivier Clinic Pattaya | A Multilingual General Practitioner

A good check-up is not just a standard blood laboratory list and a standard lung X-Ray. The most important thing is to first meet a doctor who will review with you your medical history (existing diseases, treatments, family risk diseases, operations etc.) your lifestyle (profession, smoking, alcohol, exercise, environment etc.) and your symptoms. Than a complete physical examination, including measurement of blood pressure, weight, height (body mass index) and auscultation is done.

Only after these two steps your doctor will suggest personalized laboratory according to your sex, age and medical condition. If needed, further investigations like electrocardiogram, exercise stress test, radiology, colonoscopy/gastroscopy, specialized consultation etc. will be proposed. Then your doctor will review all results with you. Finally he will advise you about prevention, changes in your lifestyle, treatment if needed and medical follow-ups.

The goal of a medical check-up is to prevent or detect problems and diseases before they become harmful to the body or even life threatening, and to allow a treatment/change of lifestyle as early as possible. Best examples are high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol and unknown presence of HIV virus in the body (HIV+) among others, conditions that remain silent and unsuspected at first. When they finally declare themselves as diseases it is sometimes too late or damage is done already to different organs. At this time treatment may be very difficult. Another example is cancer screening: the more early detection is made, the more easy treatment can be done.

A check-up should not only be a packaged check of the body like a 10,000km check of your car! It should be part of a long term personalized program of well being and anti-aging process which will give you not only longer life, but most important a better quality of life.

You do not need appointment at Dr Olivier Clinic; just show-up during opening time! You will meet Dr Olivier and he will advise you about a check-up and an anti-aging program which suit to you. At the clinic there is a nurse who collects blood and sends all samples to the laboratory. For laboratory please do not eat food for at least 8 hours; drinking plain water for not feeling thirsty is OK. For all other specialized tests and consultations Dr Olivier will write a prescription and send you to nearby hospitals which have state of the art devices and specialists.

All results are strictly confidential; nevertheless you can use a name of your choice if you prefer. We only need a passport for check-ups which must be sent to a third party, for instance employment company or insurance.

Doctor fee is 1,000 Baht. Laboratory cost is 150 Baht for blood sugar check, 500 Baht for HIV test (result in 10 minutes possible), 550 Baht for lipid profile (Cholesterol total, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) up to 7-10,000 Baht for extensive laboratory check, including hormones and cancer screening. For people who stay only a few days in Pattaya results and comments can be sent via mail or email.

Dr Olivier Clinic Pattaya | A Multilingual General Practitioner