Thailand is known as ‘The Land Of Smiles’. This should give you the first pointer in terms of what a wonderful Kingdom it is to explore.

Understand the important Thai customs and beliefs

As with any destination in the world; before and during your visit you should acquaint yourself with Thailand’s important customs and beliefs and respect them accordingly.

If you make sure you pack your common sense and sprinkle it with a smidgen of courtesy, you will have the time of your life here.

It offers a visitor everything

Whatever you are looking for is here. This ranges from South-east Asia’s most vibrant capital, through near-deserted tropical island paradises, via one of the world’s most impressive rivers and into the mysterious Golden Triangle.

There is rugged but beautiful countryside which is home to everything from unique hill tribes to wild animals, tropical flora and fauna and the countries beloved Elephants!

Follow these broad based rules and your trip will be truly memorable

By following these rules you will have the time of your life, and like many other first time visitors; you will be back!

Don’t raise your voice in anger to a Thai person

Many foreigners believe that to resolve a dispute or misunderstanding, the louder they shout the more effective it will be – SORRY, not in Thailand.

Thai people in the main are patient and peaceful, however if your actions cause them the deepest insult possible, which is to ‘lose face’ their reasoning may well go out of the window only to be replaced by revenge.

To avoid such an unnecessary situation is extremely easy. Explain exactly what you are unhappy about and why. By doing this you will find that the vast majority of ‘problems’ are resolved and conflict is avoided.


Sorry guys and girls, they are 100% illegal. Severe penalties await those who think otherwise. Rather than bang on about the rights and wrongs, do yourself a favour.

Have a good look at life and conditions in the Bangkok Hilton AKA Bang Kwang which is Bangkok’s infamous prison. This will graphically describe what your ‘reward’ could be if you are found with excessive quantities of drugs IN or ON you.

Ladies of the night

Sorry girls, but this one is mainly for the guys who let the drink go to their head, and their testosterone slip around 3 inches below their belly button.

Several of the tourist resorts have a fair few ladies of the night patrolling the beach road areas, and they are often joined by… boys who are working towards womanhood. They are imaginatively called… Ladyboys!

There are often news stories reporting of thefts from tourists in these areas late at night. And for those who decide to take one home for the night, you could find that you wake up with some of your valuables missing!

Do not let this worry you too much, the vast amount of tourists in Thailand never encounter any problems and have a happy and safe holiday!