Thailand is an intoxicating place. The exciting new smells, the enthusiastic approach to life of the people and the warm weather seduce many a tourist. Actually living in Thailand can be just as much fun and is very affordable too.

However, often this can become a problem where health is concerned. The warm weather breads a social element that many western countries don’t have. This in turn can gradually lead to excessive eating and drinking, which is often combined with a severe lack of exercise.


The Grog

You may not want to hear this, but often this is the main cause of weight gain and health issues. With such a social element and many people not working, or people working jobs with less hours required of them than before, the daytime and evening drinks can become a habit.

Back home, most people would not drink everyday, they would have a few at the weekend and maybe the odd evening. However, it is surprising the amount of expats that not only drink alcoholic drinks daily, but that start in the afternoon and continue to drink until they are quite drunk on a frequent basis.

If this is you, maybe you need to start to think about some healthier limits to your drink intake. You don’t need to stop completely, but you do need to think about your health. After all, this is no longer your vacation, this is your normal life now.


Cheap Transport

The price of transport is extremely affordable in Thailand. Even if you don’t own a bike, you can hire a motorbike taxi/selang (side car motorbike taxi) for a few baht. Metered taxis are reasonable too and the trains and buses in Thailand normally only charge a few dollars for quite extensive trips.

This is great for traveling and seeing what Thailand has to offer, but it can also bread a certain level of laziness in all of us. The worst case that I have seen here is a woman that rode to a restaurant and shouted out her order, then rode across the road to get a coffee, then rode back across to pick up her food and headed off home. She never left the scooter during the entire trip; I’m guessing until she got home to eat.

Try to include some walking, running, or at least some stretching. Your body will thank you for it and you will feel much better. Walking quickly is a great way to burn calories and stretching makes you feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable. Simple yoga techniques can stretch muscles and help you
stay fit at the same time.