Say you want to stay fit, but you can’t join the gym because you cannot afford the membership fees or don’t have the time for frequent gym visits and so on. Should you still hope to achieve your desired level of physical fitness? Luckily, the simple answer to this question is yes, but read on for more details on how to keep fit without joining the gym.

Buy a Home Exercise Video

Home workout videos are great alternatives to going to the gym, especially if the convenience of going to the gym on a regular basis is a big issue for you. Furthermore, an exercise video can give you significant cost savings over a gym membership. However, the major benefit of using an exercise video in the comfort of your home is that you still get expert workout advice, sometimes better than what your local gym instructor might have to offer.

Additionally, a home workout video will often be more specific about the expected fitness goal, something most gyms cannot give you.

Start a Home Gym

Many people are now choosing to have gyms under their own roofs. This route may not be for people who are too conscious about gym membership fees, since some investment into home gym equipment will be necessary to create a decent setup. Nevertheless, a home gym does offer the convenience of having to work out at your preferred time schedules, not to mention you get to buy only the equipment you need.


Some forms of yoga not only help focus your internal energies, but they can also help you achieve a decent physical workout. You would be surprised how many calories some yoga sessions can actually burn. Depending on your choices, you could practice moves that not only improve your cardiovascular health, but also help you build physical strength and stamina using your own body weight.

Running or Cycling

If you are comfortable with prolonged cardio workouts and want to stay out of the gym, you can always try cycling, running or jogging. If you live in an area that is friendly to these forms of exercises, your workout sessions can be especially exciting since you can join like-minded fitness enthusiasts during your workouts for some friendly competition.


Even if you have to stay away from the gym because of time, personal preferences, or high gym costs, you can still keep fit. You can always buy a home workout video if you want to enjoy expert workout advice. Alternatively, you can start your own gym, start doing yoga, or get into running or cycling. All these workouts will keep you fit without having to visit a gym.