Anyone who has been living in Thailand for more years than they can remember is bound to have had their fair share of wild nights or entire weekends, especially expats that loved to let their hair down when they were younger. However, as the older and wiser foreign nationals living in the kingdom are more than aware of, failing to eat properly due to a hectic lifestyle will eventually take its toll on our health.

In Moderation

Although it is wise to eat a healthy diet when living in Thailand or anywhere else in the world for that matter, taking this kind of sensible approach does not mean we have to give up all our vices or miss out on some fun on occasions. Indeed, one way to make the most of nights out before our days off during the week or at the weekend would be to eat well as often as possible, especially lots of greens.

Healthy Living

Apart from most Thai food being absolutely delicious, many of the dishes found in Thai restaurants or provided by street hawkers in the capital and other parts of the country are extremely healthy. Of course, expats who have managed to lead a much healthier existence in this popular part of the world after too many years burning candles at both ends should be able to live much longer in this beautiful country.

Going Green

Westerners struggling to give up the sort of junk food they loved back home which might be readily available in many Thai cities may need to look at their diet in order to avoid getting seriously out of shape or feeling generally rundown at times.

Apart from choosing to have more green vegetables in all or some of the meals we have in Thailand, it might be wise to do the following:

  • •Walk More Regularly
  • •Join a Gym or Fitness Centre
  • •Purchase a Mountain Bike
  • •Quit or Try to Cut Down on Smoking
  • •Reduce the Amount of Alcohol We Consume

Meat Market

It is one thing buying kilos of beef or pork at the local market as part of our plan to save by cooking more often at home, but if we end up using meat that has been left out in the market all day, we could get quite ill. Indeed, although stocking up on a variety of meats from the market is a good idea in terms of stretching our budget, paying a bit more at the supermarket for peace of mind is a smart thing to do.