Let’s face it, there is an A-Z of embarrassing health issues you would rather not encounter, but if you are suffering from one of the many it really is vital that you speak sooner rather than later with your doctor.

Whether it is Flatulence or Hemorrhoids, Erectile Dysfunction or a sexually transmitted disease, the sooner you get a correct diagnosis the sooner you can consider the different treatment options.

Let’s have a look at why you should arrange that appointment as soon as embarrassing symptoms show, and how you can help your doctor, but first we will start with something you should not do!

Become an internet medical wizard and self diagnose

While the internet is undoubtedly a wonderful and valuable source of information you should not make snap decisions on what your problem ‘definitely’ is unless it is blindingly obvious.

By all means look up your symptoms, understand a little more about the possible causes and cures, but don’t take things into your own hands.

Even if you feel 110% certain of what is causing your condition a visit to your doctor will not only confirm diagnosis, but they will be able to give you additional information and advice on the problem and how best to cure it.

Something you should do before your visit

Once you have confirmed an appointment with your doctor you should sit down and write out as much information as you can on the problem. Things such as when you first noticed symptoms, what symptoms, any pain, and how much worse you feel it is now from the first time you noticed it.

Your doctor will be pleased to see you

The reason your doctor will be pleased to see you is that when you reveal an embarrassing problem to them they will feel you have trust and faith in them to help you.

While any doctor worth their salt will be sympathetic, you should also expect some strong advice and recommendations if you are suffering from such things as a sexually transmitted disease due to unprotected sex. These words will be for your own good and will hopefully hammer home the importance of protection during casual sexual intercourse.

Something you should do during your visit

BE HONEST! – You need to be honest with your doctor and yourself. If they ask you about your diet, tell them your ‘real’ diet, not one you think they want to hear. If they ask you about alcohol consumption or smoking; again, be honest.

The only way you will receive the best advice from your doctor is if you give them correct and accurate information. By doing this they will be able to point you in the right direction in terms of immediate treatment, and also offer any relevant longer term suggestions.

Don’t delay

If something is bothering you, or you have unwanted symptoms, please arrange an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Although you may be convinced your symptoms or problem are unique it is highly unlikely that it will be.

In complete confidence

Your doctor is bound by law to keep every patient’s medical details confidential. This means that whatever you tell them stays between the two of you, and please remember; what may be highly embarrassing to you will more than likely be something they have dealt with on many previous occasions.