There are a few healthy ways to avoid prematurely ageing. Some of these have been known and practiced for years, they may not seem revolutionary but they are some simple things that can be done and are effective. We won’t be looking at any fancy skin creams or fad diets.

Protecting From Skin Damage

Perhaps surprising, but most of the changes that are associated with aging are completely avoidable, and the common factor is sun damage.

UV rays penetrate the skin and these rays damage the skin from within damaging the fibers that keep skin firm, and this promotes the formation of wrinkles. The sun is also the cause of liver spots that can be found on the hands, face, or other areas often exposed to the sun.

The prominence of wrinkles and signs of aging are related to the amount of sun exposure the person has had during their lifetime. No, we can’t time travel and limit past sun exposure, but we can limit our current and future exposure.

  • Do not intentionally sunbathe. Suntans are damaged skin.
  • Wear sunscreen. Use products with a SPF level of at least 15.
  • Wear hats with a brim.
  • If possible, avoid exposure to the sun between 10am and 3pm, because this is when the sun is strongest.


Have you ever heard of “smoker’s face”? If that sounds familiar, remember that this phrase is often associated with the deeper and earlier showing wrinkles on the face of smokers. This is the result of decreased blood flow in the face and the damage from the toxins that are present in smoke. Also, but perhaps less of a trigger, smokers tend to squint as the smoke hits their eyes, and this regular squinting can trigger increased wrinkling around the eyes.


Excessive alcohol consumption (more than one for women and two per day for men) is bad for the skin. The alcohol dehydrates the body and also, studies have shown that excessive drinkers also have poor daily diets. This combination dehydrates the skin and the poor diet leads to insufficient nutrients to maintain a healthy and youthful look.


To fight the environmental factors that are out of your control as well as the antural effects of aging cells, your body needs a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants.
Vitamins C, E, A, and B, are important anti-oxidants for healthy skin. All of which are available by eating 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Avoiding junk food and instead eating foods rich in healthy oils and fats are also recommended.

These are the healthiest ways to avoid ageing prematurely. All 4 of these that have been detailed can be accomplished by anyone. All that is required is some patience and the will to make a few lifestyle changes.