A lot of western expats come to live out their remaining days in the heat and relaxing atmosphere of Thailand.

Lured by the easy going way of life and low living costs, more and more elderly westerners are choosing Thailand as the place to spend their retirement years.

As we get older every one of us needs to spend more time looking after ourselves, to ensure that our remaining years are as enjoyable as possible.

Whilst it is too hot for most people (young or old) to go running or partake in the usual western exercises, this page lists some ways that the elderly community can enjoy exercise here in The Land of Smiles.


Tai Chi

One of the best, low intensity workouts that people of any age can enjoy is Tai Chi.

Whilst Tai Chi is essentially a Chinese martial art, it’s ‘hard and soft’ training techniques make it ideal for the elderly to participate in.

Centred mainly on breathing, movement and awareness exercises and meditation virtually can actively participate in Tai Chi.

Check out your local park early in the morning as there may well be a free session which you will be more than welcome to join in with.



Another low intensity workout with massive health benefits is the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga.

Yoga can be practiced as ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ as the practitioner decides. It’s a good idea to start slowly if you are new to Yoga, as some exercises can be very exerting. This is especially important for the elderly.

Whilst practicing Yoga concentrate on increasing your flexibility and control your breathing.

Check out the local expat newspapers or go online to find your local Yoga centre.



A great low impact exercise with enormous health benefits is swimming.

In this great Thailand climate we enjoy year round heat and sunshine. There is no better way to while away the hours at your local pool and get a few lengths in while you are there.

You may even be lucky enough to have a pool in your condominium complex or home, if so you really have no excuse not to dive in!



For the elderly expat that wants some exercise, but wants some fun at the same time there is no better way to enjoy a good walk than whilst enjoying a game of golf.

We are lucky enough to have some of the best courses in the world here in Thailand and the weather is perfect all year round to enjoy the beautiful, lush courses anytime your heart desires.

Check around your local area for a course that suits your skill level, budget and that you are able to walk around.