Men, especially when they start to reach middle age, will start to get concerned about any hair loss that they might be suffering with. This hair loss will generally start with a bit of a receding hairline before it starts to get more serious as time goes by.

Most of us men will experience hair loss of varying levels, with some of us going bald whilst the luckier of us might get away with nothing more than a little thinning. Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons and can happen anytime from when you get into your early twenties.

However, though there are many reasons for hair loss, have you ever considered that yours might be down to Andropause?

What in the world is Andropause?

You would be forgiven for having not heard of Andropause but to put it simply, it is the male form of the menopause. It is when men start to experience a decrease in the male hormones called Testosterone once they get into their thirties.

This Testosterone is what makes men…well, men as it controls sex drive, hair growth, muscle mass and many other things. So when your body starts producing less Testosterone, it will certainly have an effect on all of these male characteristics.

It is actually very similar to the female menopause as it can lead to very similar side effects such as depression, moodiness and insomnia.

What Does this Mean For My Hair?

Once testosterone levels start dropping, it causes many of our other hormone levels to start fluctuating and this is not good news for our hair. The secondary hormone has a direct impact on our hair loss is known as DHT or its official name Dihydrotestosterone.

When our secondary hormones are fluctuating due to a reduction in Testosterone, if too much DHT it can lead to hair loss. This is because a side effect to DHT is that it inhibits hair growth, which means that any hair that we lose will simply not grow back. Healthy men commonly lose around 100 hairs each day which would normally not be a problem as new hair would grow in their place.

Testosterone Injections

If you think that you may be suffering symptoms of Andropause, there are steps that you can take to fight back. You will need to replace the hormones that your body is creating less of, specifically that of testosterone.

We can improve our testosterone production levels through living a healthier lifestyle that involves more exercise, less drinking and less smoking but you will never be able to get those levels back up to where they were before.

A regular course of testosterone injections on the other hand, can see your levels brought back up to speed and can see a dramatic reduction in all Andropause symptoms, not just hair loss.

Testosterone injections are available at Dr Olivier Clinic and can also be purchased through the web store here.