If you are looking for a primary care doctor, or have decided that you want to change from your current doctor, there are some guidelines you should follow which will help you choose the right health care specialist.

Assess Your Doctor

The most important thing is that you find a doctor who you can trust and communicate well with. You want to be able to build a long-term relationship where you feel comfortable every time you visit and have to disclose your personal issues.

A lot of the time people choose their doctor based on referrals from friends, however, everyone has different expectations and your friend’s doctor may not necessarily be the right one for you.

Respectful Communication

No matter what type of practitioner you require, you want to be sure that you are able to communicate effectively in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Some people often complain that when speaking to their doctor they get lost in the medical lingo. This may make a person feel as though their provider is not listening to them or giving them enough time.

Rarely these problems are due to a disregard for the patient, but doctors should always try to explain things in a way that the patient understands.


You may want to do a background check on your doctor before you make the decision to have them as your healthcare provider. If the doctor has a website then usually they will list their credentials on the site.

Things you can look for include:

  • Where did they go to medical school?
  • they specialize in the medical services you need?
  • Is the doctor licensed in your country?
  • Do they stay current with research in their field of speciality?
  • Do they come highly recommended?

Conducting a background check into your doctor’s credentials is important as this ensures that they are appropriate and current.

Alternative Medicine

A growing number of people are turning to alternative medicines and herbal treatments for their medical needs. If this is you then you need a doctor who understands and supports your decisions.

Further Considerations

There are some other things that you might want to consider too such as the location of your doctor. You will want someone who is locally based, especially if public transport is not easily available.

The gender of your doctor may be an issue for you too. If you are female you may want to only deal with a female doctor. The same goes for if you are a man and would prefer a male doctor.

The age of the doctor may be a factor. Some people may not be comfortable with a doctor who is much younger than themselves.

It is important to remember that neither language nor culture will affect your doctor’s ability to take care of you, however, a language barrier may cause issues. Excellent doctor’s will usually be able to speak more than one language and will almost certainly speak English.