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There is no (not yet) “one miracle tablet” to reverse time and aging. Anti-aging medicine helps to live longer it is true, but most importantly it helps to live better: body and mental in good shape

Anti-aging medicine is a combination of lifestyle and medical care. To be fully effective, anti-aging care must begin with good lifestyle habits and, step by step, we add vitamins, we optimize the hormonal balance and, above all, we prescribe the “Rolls-Royce” treatment: stem cells and nano cell extracts

At Dr. Olivier Clinic we combine the best of technology, nature, and medicine to help improve our patient’s lives!

Lifestyle and habits which definitely are basics of anti-aging medicine are:

  • Good nutrition “we are what we eat”
  • Regular exercise
  • Treatment and control of chronic diseases, regular check-ups
  • Weight control (see weight loss chapter)
  • No smoking
  • Alcohol moderate or not at all
  • Good and enough sleep
  • Diminution of stress, relaxation
  • Detoxification programs
  • Environment, pollution etc.

Vitamins supplementation

  • One multi-vitamins tablet with your breakfast is a minimum
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Hormonal balance

  • Good hormonal balance is critical in order to live a better life
  • Thyroid Hormones, Cortisol, Growth Hormone must be in normal range
  • Women with menopause (more reading) can benefit of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which can metamorphose and greatly improve their life, their stamina and their sexual life
  • Men with andropause (more reading) can benefit of Testosterone replacement (Buy Now), which can metamorphose and greatly improve their life, their stamina and their sexual life
  • DHEA (more reading) is definitely part of anti-aging treatment and can be taken by both men and women. Scientific data now prove that it works
  • Melatonine (more reading) has powerful anti-oxidant properties and is also used against jet-lag and for a better sleep

Stem Cells Therapy and Nano Cell Extracts Therapy (More Reading…)

Stem Cells are cells that are able to differentiate into more specialized cells and are one of the body’s fundamental tools and mechanisms for self-repair. With the occurrence of disease, injury, or even aging, these stem cells respond to specific signals and facilitate healing by differentiating into specialized cells required for the body’s natural self-repair. Provided the stem cells exist in sufficient numbers and receive the correct signals when disease or injury occurs, all is well. When the stem cell lines become depleted, the end result will likely be an inadequate or compromised healing response. This process of cellular depletion correlates with the aging process that all people go through. As the stem cell number decreases, the body’s vitality and reserve capacity also diminishes. This results inevitably in the aging of the body. Stem cell therapy can slow this process, and even rejuvenate aged and damaged tissues.

“Stem cell therapies are among the world’s greatest collective scientific breakthrough, possessing the clear potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life.” Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.

Stem cells possess a unique anti-aging effect by improving immune function, by regenerating and by repairing organs damaged by stressors, like free radicals and the various toxins we are exposed to in our day to day living

Our body uses its own stem cells to make us stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease.

As we age, we use stem cells to repair damaged organs, or to replace those stem cells destroyed by toxins over time. At all stages of your life, your body fights damage by using stem cells

As we age, however, the bone marrow releases fewer stem cells, giving us less power to repair the damage of ageing. Treatment with stem cells reverses this process.

You can expect improvements after stem cell therapy, including but not limited to:

Physical improvements such as:

  • Less head/neck aches
  • Decreased pain in the back, arms and legs
  • Reduced stiffness in joints
  • Less weakness and fatigue

Aesthetic improvements such as:

  • The skin on the face and hands becomes tighter
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Looking younger – general younger appearance
  • Change in color of hair from grey to black/normal
  • Hair thickens
Mental and Emotional improvements

Improvements in Energy Levels

Improvement in the Overall Quality of Life