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1987: Diploma of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland

1990-1991:, he spent one year in Aranyaprathet (Thailand) working as anesthetist with the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Khmer refugees

1995: specialization in anesthesiology/emergencies/intensive care and PhD grade from University Geneva

1996: moves to Thailand, works in administration at the Thonburi Hospital (Dr Boon Vanasin) in Bangkok

1998: Thai medical registration No 23750 Works as GP in Piyavate Hospital (Dr Boon Vanasin) and P.S.E. Clinic (Dr Philippe Balankura) both in Bangkok

December 1999 Opening of Dr Olivier Clinic

Dr Olivier feels that treating diseases is fine, but preventing them in the first place and increasing well-being with anti-aging medicine programs is better. He attends the international medical congress in Bangkok every year which is an international medical congress about anti-aging medicine, which he now practices at Dr Olivier Clinic

Past-President, member of Rotary Club Pattaya. He is engaged with the local community. He was awarded in 1997 the “Meritorious Public Service Award” from the city hall of Pattaya, Reference Physician for the Embassies of Switzerland and France in Bangkok

Languages: French (mother tongue) – English – German – Thai