About Dr.Olivier

Dr Olivier is a local anti-aging and general health practitioner located in Pattaya Thailand. Trained in Switzerland where he received his diploma of medicine, Dr Olivier moved to Thailand in 1996 and started working at the Thonburi Hospital.

His clinic is now in its 16th year having opened back in 1999 and now sees an average of 30-40 patients each day.

Dr Olivier believes that the prevention of illness and disease in the first place is the best course of action for anyone looking at ways to improve their health. He attends the international medical congress in Bangkok each year which is all about anti-aging treatments and their benefits.

Dr Olivier has also been a past president of the Rotary Club in Pattaya and was awarded the “Meritorious Public Service Award” from the City Hall of Pattaya in 1997. In addition to this he is the reference physician for the Swiss and French embassies in Bangkok.

Serving the large expat community in Pattaya and local Thai’s too, Dr Olivier has built up a good reputation amongst locals and is now the preferred doctor for those living in the community.

Dr Olivier welcomes you to his clinic for the following:

When is the clinic open?

Monday to Friday – 09.00am to 16.00pm
Saturday – 09.00am to 13.00pm


20/29 Moo 10, Soi Boutique City Hotel, Pattaya City, 20150
Chonburi, Thailand

Tel.: 038-723600 , 038-723590
Fax : 038-723590

Emergency Mobile Number :
086-827 69 22

Where is the clinic located?

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